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Jefferson has significant experience helping clients seeking to enter the federal market. Jefferson’s federal market assessments have delivered meaningful market information and analysis for companies providing a wide range of products and services and enable companies to make data-driven decisions on resource investments, and how to strategically approach the federal market for near- and long-term growth.
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Jefferson has a strong track record of successfully positioning our clients to capture new business opportunities. Our integrated approach to federal market consulting brings to our clients relevant knowledge, tactical know-how, procurement expertise, department-specific cultural understanding, political savvy and the ability to engage federal agency headquarters and field locations, the White House and Capitol Hill.
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The Due Diligence team at Jefferson Business Consulting is a group of recognized experts in the federal market, with in-depth understanding of the complex dynamics that determine the value and stability of federal contractors and specific federal contracts. We are effective in identifying and assessing known and unknown risks and filling in critical information gaps. With a holistic view, we facilitate and enable sound investment decisions.
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Jefferson Business Consulting

Jefferson Business Consulting, a Jefferson Consulting Group company, provides businesses, universities, and other non-profits with in-depth federal acquisition marketing expertise and solid business development services. We are seasoned experts with decades of experience and success helping clients navigate, capture, and expand federal government sales.

Jefferson matches client capabilities with government needs to create effective win-win partnerships. We understand and have extensive experience with the key arenas that impact government business, including setting requirements, policy issues, political considerations, agency leadership, procurement regulations, testing, contracting, and other components of the acquisition process. We work directly with agencies, Congress, stakeholders and influencers. Our 360-degree approach helps us to deliver multi-disciplinary business development strategies and tactics that leverage all the dynamics that impact the federal market.

Jefferson’s results-focused approach is tailored to meet client objectives. We work in partnership with our clients at all time, ensuring that our efforts complement clients’ in-house resources.



Jefferson understands that entering new markets, especially one as large and complex as the federal market, can be daunting. Jefferson’s experts have extensive experience helping companies assess, navigate, and succeed in the federal market. Jefferson offers multiple services for clients to gain a greater understanding of the federal market and to determine how best to invest for sustainable government business growth and success.

Market Assessments

In addition to understanding the federal procurement process, it is critical for companies to understand the federal government’s demand for products or services. Jefferson expertly researches federal needs, existing contracts, trends, opportunities and competition and provides an independent assessment of our clients’ ability to effectively penetrate the federal market. Jefferson couples market data with qualitative information gathered from interviews with stakeholders and key decision makers across the government, as well as our in-depth knowledge of federal programs, business drivers, and existing competition. Jefferson’s market assessments provide meaningful market intelligence and practical, actionable recommendations to assist clients in developing a go-to-market strategy.

Go-To-Market Strategies

Jefferson develops and assists clients in implementing comprehensive go-to-market strategies designed to produce tangible near- and long-term revenue. These strategies outline resources and tactical actions needed to effectively align clients’ offerings with government needs and buying practices. Our go-to-market roadmaps define specific actions needed to drive demand and win business, including corporate messaging, branding, and positioning.



Jefferson delivers a comprehensive suite of business development services for clients engaged in the federal market.  Integrating seamlessly with client teams to augment business development efforts, our keen insight and proactive approach accelerates creation and capture of new business and ensures success throughout contract implementation.  Our current knowledge of the evolving policy, program, acquisition, and political arenas that affect agency decision-making gives our clients competitive advantage and enables strategic positioning with stakeholders. We understand the business and policy issues that drive demand for solutions. We combine our deep, substantive expertise in federal procurement and federal agency and program operations, our extensive network of relationships across government, and our proven marketing and business development skills to proactively create, qualify, and help our clients capture new business. Jefferson’s proven approach to business development is tailored to our clients’ needs and may include:


  • Strategic marketing and business development
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Opportunity creation, identification, and qualification,
  • Pipeline development
  • Capture strategy and support
  • Branding and positioning with key decision makers including call plan development
  • Defining discriminators
  • Developing messaging and white papers
  • Facilitating teaming and subcontracting arrangements
  • Contract management, including assistance in managing performance-based contracts
  • Proposal management, strategic and tactical, hands-on support
  • Training


Jefferson consistently achieves excellent results for its clients.
Following are a few of our success stories.

Diversifying the Customer-base to Reduce Financial Risk

Client Objective:  A mid size company with government experience in a limited number of federal agencies wanted to expand their federal business to grow the company and diversify their customer base to reduce risk. To be successful, they needed to develop economies of scale in business identification, capture strategy and proposal development and turned to Jefferson Business Consulting for assistance.

Jefferson role:  We identified an upcoming procurement that would expand the client’s federal business government-wide, gain entre into new agencies, and strategically position the company for a much larger subsequent contract. Jefferson assessed the client’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and competitive positioning, and helped define key discriminators and win themes. Using our knowledge of the target agency’s programs, procurements, and business needs, we worked closely with the client to develop and implement a capture strategy, created the proposal outline, templates and content. While tailored to the solicitation, the materials we developed could be leveraged for future procurements.

Result:  The client won an $18 million, five-year contract, unseating the well-established incumbent. The contract has enabled the company to diversify their customer base, and achieve significant revenue growth.

Creating Business Where No Contract Exists

Client Objective:  A large, publicly traded company with a very significant and long-term business base in one federal agency wanted to leverage its qualifications into a new market and diversify its customer base. The agency it targeted was not considering establishing any contracts on which the company could bid and was unfamiliar with the company’s capabilities and expertise.

JCG role:  Jefferson developed a strategy to gain an understanding of the target agency’s needs and how they were aligned with our client’s capabilities and past performance and to build interest in and demand for our client. Based on the insight we obtained, we recommended creating two new programs to meet the identified agency needs that would utilize our client’s expertise. We worked collaboratively with the agency, Congress, and outside stakeholders to support the establishment of these programs within the agency and to enact a needed legislative change. Once the programs were created and solicitations for contractor support were issued, we assisted our client in developing their capture strategy and proposals.

Result:  Congress enacted the needed legislative provision and created a requirement for the two new programs. The agency issued competitive solicitations. Our client bid on and won both these contracts, creating a major new line of business for the company.

Advocacy for a Municipal Government

Client Objective: A municipal government needed to restore a provision in law that permitted a federal agency to move forward with an urgently needed infrastructure project.

Jefferson Role: After determining which relevant legislation was likely to be considered and passed by Congress in the near term, we gained the support of a major non-profit organization with a constituency that would also benefit from the legislation sought by the municipality. Together, we contacted congressional staff to make the argument that this provision would enable infrastructure projects to move forward in many communities, including those with low-income, remote populations.

Result: Legislation was enacted that enabled the agency to proceed with our client’s infrastructure project, which protects a major residential area from erosion that threatened housing and other buildings with potential collapse.

Capture support

Client Objective: A Fortune 500 company was pursing the re-compete of a “must win” contract within a defense agency. The company was concerned that the acquisition strategy proposed by the agency would increase costs for the agency and prevent the bidders from proposing any innovative solutions.

Jefferson Role: Jefferson provided support to the capture team by assisting in the development and implementation of a communications and advocacy strategy focused on the relevant stakeholders, including agency stakeholders, Capitol Hill, the Government Accountability Office, trade associations and research organizations. Jefferson developed key messages and talking points targeted to trade associations, think tanks and congressional committee staff. Jefferson facilitated meetings for the client with DoD stakeholders to enable them to share their concerns about the acquisition strategy with interested parties beyond the program staff.

Result: Jefferson was successful in increasing congressional scrutiny and generating concern among trade associations and think tanks. The acquisition strategy was changed, and our client successfully bid on and won this contract, ensuring the stability of their federal business.

Must Win Contract Recompete

Client Objective:  A global Fortune 500 management consulting company and major federal contractor was approaching the recompete of a “must win” contract with one of its key civilian agency customers. The firm engaged Jefferson Business Consulting to validate the agency customer’s perceptions and satisfaction, position the client to win the recompete, and provide proposal and capture support.

Jefferson role:  Jefferson designed and conducted interviews with key agency stakeholders to understand and document perceptions, biases, and expectations of the client and its competitors. Based on the information obtained, we developed a set of practical, highly targeted recommendations to address key findings. We worked with our client to implement these strategic actions.

To further leverage our insight, Jefferson was then tapped to provide proposal support, and assisted in the development of win themes and discriminators, provided business strategy recommendations, facilitated the development of meaningful performance-based outcomes, metrics and monitoring methods in response to the government’s performance work statement, and participated in proposal reviews and orals preparation.

Results:  The client’s agency customer viewed Jefferson’s third-party assessment as a positive and proactive approach by the client for addressing issues and aligning the client’s capabilities with the agency’s priorities and direction. Jefferson’s recommendations and corresponding support successfully positioned the client with agency decision makers and helped the client win a $300M IDIQ contract with a five year base period and five option years.

Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence

Client Objective:  A private equity firm sought due diligence support to help identify and assess potential risks and fill in key information gaps to facilitate sound investment decisions.  The firm engaged Jefferson Business Consulting for our in-depth knowledge of the federal market, procurement, and political savvy to assess the core federal business of its acquisition target.

Jefferson Role:  Jefferson provided the equity firm with a thorough analysis of the core federal business and growth potential of the company targeted for acquisition.  For example, we validated the value and duration of existing federal contracts, analyzed the agency’s spending pattern, and interviewed program owners, acquisition officials, and other key stakeholders at the federal agency to assess the program’s future direction, acquisition preferences, and the agency’s views on the services and value received.

Jefferson also interviewed external stakeholders, including the Hill and advocacy groups to identify unknown risks.  We uncovered a budgeting issue and possible legislative/ regulatory change that would have a significant impact on the core federal business of the company targeted for acquisition.  We provided our client with a thorough understanding of the emerging issues that we uncovered and rated the risks for its potential impact on current market presence and future growth.

Results:  Jefferson provided valuable information on the competitive posture, current and future federal business, and emerging risks that were unknown to our client.  This information helped our client fully weigh the risks to make an informed investment decision.



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