Client Objective: A large, publicly traded health care company with a very significant and long-term business base in one federal agency wanted to leverage its qualifications into a new market. The agency it targeted was not considering establishing any contracts on which the company could bid and was unfamiliar with the company’s capabilities.

Jefferson role: Jefferson developed a strategy to gain an understanding of the target agency’s needs and how they were aligned with our client’s capabilities and past performance. Based on the insight we obtained, we recommended creating two new programs to meet agency needs that would utilize our client’s expertise. We worked collaboratively with the agency, Congress, and outside stakeholders to support the establishment of these programs within the agency and to enact a needed legislative change. Once the programs were created and solicitations were issued, we assisted our client in developing their capture strategy and proposals.

Result: Congress enacted the needed legislative provision and created a requirement for the two new programs. The agency issued competitive solicitations. Our client bid on and won both these contracts, creating a major new line of business for the company.

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