Let a Strategic Approach Guide Your Actions.

An Account Plan for a specific agency provides a road map for success.  Elements include:

  • Company Goals (History, Goals,  Risks, Resources)
  • Department Overview (Mission, Strategic Plan, Priorities, Legislative Factors, Drivers, Challenges, Observations)
  • Funding (Budget, Spending Trends, Funding Priorities and Alignment with Capabilities)
  • Organization (Org Structure, Leadership, Stakeholders, Relationships, Competitive Landscape, Opportunities)
  • Call Plan and Actions

Need a strategy for a specific agency?

Jefferson can help.

Jefferson produces actionable, market intelligence-based account plans for clients.  The account plans include the necessary research, strategy, and tactics to guide your account teams.

Ultimately, the account plan will provide direction to your BD and sales team by providing customer information, a strategy for approaching the customer, and the tactics to execute the strategy and engage with the agency.