Comprehensive due diligence goes beyond the corporate legal and financial analysis. To get the full picture of the target investment’s value, you need an expert in the federal market who understands federal contracts, politics, and agency customers and programs.

Due diligence on target investments with significant federal business should:

  • Validate the value, duration, and stability of federal contracts
  • Gather the federal customer’s views on the contractor
  • Assess the acquisition landscape, including the federal customer’s contracting preferences
  • Examine the legislative and regulatory landscape for potential impact on revenue and growth
  • Investigate the competitive landscape and identify threats to the market share

Experience & Expertise = Results

Why Jefferson?

We provide a 360-degree capability (agency, White House, Hill, constituent groups).

We go beyond the corporate legal and financial analysis to uncover a more complete picture of the target investment’s value.

We excel in “connecting the dots” and analyzing market findings that translate into insights on the target investment’s current market position and future growth potential.


Due diligence requires

Mergers and Acquisition
Due Diligence Case Study