Winning federal contracts is hard.  Jefferson can help.

Jefferson will increase your win probability with a strong BD strategy and associated tactics such as:

  • Pipeline and call plan development
  • Partner identification
  • Contracting vehicle identification & access
  • Analysis of agency decisionmakers, influencers, budgets, and priorities
  • Message development
  • Access to potential customers

An effective BD strategy will include identification and qualification of opportunities, a call plan to effectively brand and position with decisionmakers, an analysis of competitors, an analysis of teaming and vehicle gaps, and a strong account plan.

Experience & Expertise = Results

Why Jefferson?

We understand the how the government buys.

We provide a 360-degree capability (agency, White House, Hill, constituent groups).

We excel in market research to match capabilities to pain points and conduct competitor analysis.

We leverage relationships to position clients with customers and partners.


Jefferson Support

Understand the market

- What pain points do you address? - Who are the target customers? - How does the customer buy? - What messaging will resonate?

Pursue the market

- What are the opportunities? - What is the strategy? - How can I talk to the customer? - How can I influence requirements for future opportunities?

Exceed expectations

- What policies, bills, reports, and budgets impact my contract? - Am I positioned for my recompete? - How can I leverage success to expand?

Getting started - strategies for success!

Case Study: Expanding Into a New Agency

Client Objective: A large, publicly traded health care company with a large footprint in one federal agency wanted to leverage its qualifications to expand into a new agency. The agency it targeted was unfamiliar with the company’s capabilities.
Jefferson role: Jefferson developed a strategy to match agency’s needs to our client’s capabilities and past performance.  We worked collaboratively with the agency, Congress, and outside stakeholders to support the establishment of two new programs within the agency. Once the programs were created and solicitations were issued, we assisted our client in developing their capture strategy and proposals.
Result: Congress enacted the needed legislative provision and created a requirement for the two new programs. The agency issued competitive solicitations. Our client bid on and won both these contracts, creating a major new line of business for the company.

Case Study: Diversifying the Customer Base to Reduce Financial Risk

Client Objective: A mid-size company with government experience wanted to expand their federal business to grow the company and diversify their customer base. To be successful, they needed to develop economies of scale in business identification, capture strategy, and proposal development.
Jefferson role: Jefferson identified an upcoming procurement that would expand the client’s federal business government-wide, gain entre into new agencies, and strategically position the company for a much larger subsequent contract.  Jefferson assessed the client’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and competitive positioning, and helped define key discriminators and win themes.  We worked closely with the client to develop and implement a capture strategy, created the proposal outline, templates and content.
Result: The client won an $18 million, five-year contract, unseating the well-established incumbent.  The contract enabled the company to diversify their customer base and achieve significant revenue growth.

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