So you think that you have a solution (product, service or both) that would be helpful to the federal government? Where do you begin?

    Entering the federal government marketplace can be extremely rewarding but may require a large investment of time and money. The way(s) that you approach the federal government marketplace can make or break your success. Jefferson can help.
    Ultimately, you need enough information to identify your target market, define the fit of your solution, outline your pricing strategy, describe how your solution will be distributed, develop a promotion strategy, review your competition, and prepare a marketing budget.
    We will take a customized review of what you are selling, your potential customers, and the implications of entering the federal market on your business. We will guide you through the maze of federal government roles (the end users, program and contracting officials) and explain unique factors in the federal buying process and the impact on your business development process. We will also review important features of subcontracts, disputes and organizational conflict of interest, and, ultimately, explain how to manage the business successfully after award.
    Using the appropriate messaging to market your company to potential government customers and teaming partners is essential to your success. Jefferson will help you target your messaging to maximize your impact.
    Jefferson can help you set near-term and long-term goals for your business. Your business model and growth goals should be researched, built, launched, and continuously reviewed for potential improvement. We can help you think through the various growth motions.
    Our team can help you establish the business processes to be a successful and compliant federal government contractor.
    Using our unique blend of expertise, we develop and execute multi-disciplinary strategies and tactics that leverage all the dynamics that impact the federal market.


The strategy and tactics for near-, mid-, and long-term revenue

Jefferson has significant experience helping clients enter the federal market. Jefferson’s federal market intelligence solutions enable companies to make data-driven decisions on how to strategically approach the federal market if at all.

We offer multiple services for clients to gain a greater understanding of the federal market and to determine how to create a Go-To-Market Strategy for sustainable government business growth and success. We can help you think about various routes to market that will achieve maximum market distribution. Should you go direct to the government customer or as part of a solution team? What are the contract vehicle and acquisition mechanism dynamics? What partnerships should you have to reach the government customer with the relevant solution? Are you speaking the same language as the government customer or potential teaming partners?