Jefferson has significant experience helping clients enter the federal market. Jefferson’s federal market intelligence solutions deliver meaningful market information and analysis for companies providing a wide range of products and services.  Market research enable companies to make data-driven decisions on resource investments and how to strategically approach the federal market for near- and long-term growth. 

Jefferson understands that entering new markets, especially one as large and complex as the federal market, can be daunting.  Jefferson’s experts have extensive experience helping companies assess, navigate, and succeed in the federal market. Jefferson offers multiple services for clients to gain a greater understanding of the federal market and to determine how best to invest for sustainable government business growth and success. 

To enter or expand in the federal market, you ultimately need enough actionable information to identify your target market, define the fit of your products and services, outline your pricing strategy, describe how your products will be distributed, develop a promotion strategy, review your competition, and prepare a marketing budget.  Jefferson can help!

Experience & Expertise = RESULTS

Why Jefferson?

We excel in market research to identify opportunities, match capabilities to pain points, and conduct competitor analysis.

We understand how the government buys, which translates into identifying vehicle, capability, and/or teaming gaps.

We provide a 360° capability (agency, White House, Hill, constituent groups).

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Market Assessment

It all begins with research!

A Market Assessment matches your capabilities to federal agency gaps and identifies the addressable market, competitive landscape, contracting vehicles, target agency customers, and more.

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Due Dilligence Project

Supporting sound investment decisions.

To get the full picture of an investment’s value, you need to understand federal contracts, politics, customers, and programs, as well as the outlook for any changes to the current state.

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Go To Market Strategy

Be prepared when you enter the federal market!

The Go-To-Market Strategy should detail the plan and actions needed for near-, mid-, and long-term revenue.

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Account Plan Development

Roadmaps for your strategic accounts.

Jefferson produces actionable, market intelligence-based account plans to help you meet your growth goals.

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